Dog Training Las Vegas
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  • A Well Trained Dog.Is a Happy dog.
  • All Dogs Are Welcome.All breeds - any size.
  • We Train Dogs.We train dog owners, too.
  • YES!Your dog can be a well trained dog.
A Well Trained Dog.1 All Dogs Are Welcome.2 We Train Dogs.3 YES!4
  • Training for ALL breeds
  • Any Size Dog
  • Puppy Training
  • Basic Obedience
  • Potty Training
  • Leash Training
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Dog Training Las Vegas

Our best friends are not born knowing what to do, they need dog obedience training to teach them how to behave. Dogs need a pack leader, and we teach you how to do be leader of the pack.   We NEVER use heavy handed methods and we do NOT use shock collars.  We only use firm instructions and positive reinforcement to train dogs.

We are locally owned and have been in business training dogs in Las Vegas for over 20 years.  You will work directly with the owner and expert dog trainer.  Mike has trained thousands of dogs from pit bulls to Chihuahuas with all types of behavioral problems.  Every dog can be a well trained dog and a well trained dog is a happy dog!

Even your dog can be a well trained dog. Call Southern Nevada Dog Training. (702) 360-1009.

Watch Mike at one of his Dog training classes. He is working with a rescue dog who has only had a few training sessions.

Group Classes

We teach you how to train your dog to sit, stay, heel and other basic commands. Starting at only $120 for 8 sessions.

Private Training

Our most popular dog training option. In 6 one-on-one sessions your dog will learn to be a well behaved dog. We can correct all types of bad behavior such as: aggressive behavior, biting, barking, jumping, etc...

K-9 Camp

Our most thorough dog training option is a K-9 camp where your dog is boarded at my home for 3 weeks for daily training.