Dog Training Las Vegas
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Private Dog Training Lessons

$520 (6 sessions)

These are private one on one sessions with you, your dog and the dog trainer. We can meet at your home or a location of your choice a total of 6 times. Our sessions are once a week, usually scheduled the same day and time each week. As with all of our dog training, we do not intimidate your dog or use any heavy handed methods. We say this, because many popular dog trainers use shock collars and we want to make it perfectly clear; we do NOT use any type of shock collar.

These sessions include dog behavior analysis, basic training commands and K9 Graduation. Your dog will be very well behaved after these sessions. Your dog will be sitting, heeling, walking on a leash, socialized, and will be much better behaved around other people. During your private training sessions we can address specific problems you and your dog may be having.

After the private sessions you are welcome to attend any group sessions for free.

Group Dog Training Classes

$120 (includes 8 one hour group classes)

Group classes will meet a total of 8 times, once per week usually on Saturday mornings for 8 weeks in a row. The class you start with is the class you graduate with. The group classes are the same as the private lessons, same methods and same commands. Again, we only use positive reinforcement and firm handling. Group classes are a great way to socialize your dog and get your dog used to doing commands around other dogs. In just 2 months, your dog will be so much better behaved you will be happily surprised.

This is makes dog training in Las Vegas very affordable and easy..

The K-9 Camp

Call for Prices.

This is our most advanced dog training option. Normally I tell people, "I don't train dogs, I teach you how to train your dog." However, with the K-9 camp I take your dog home with me for 3 weeks and train him/her personally. Your dog will get a full 3 weeks of constant dog training. This also includes 3 one hour sessions of instructions where I teach you how to take over.

After the K-9 camp you will see a huge improvement in your dog's behavior. Results will vary, but your dog will be somewhere in the neighborhood of being able to lay down outside a Starbucks and stay there while you go inside and get your coffee and be there when you return. The K-9 camp is done on a select basis, please call for more info.

A well trained dog is a happy dog!